Same Print, Different Day: Would You Try the Polish Porcelain Trend?

urkye photo porcelain

Button-down out on the town.

So maybe my foray into porcelain-inspired fabric wasn’t a once-in-a-lifetime chance for me to meet my #bustygirlgoals. It looks like Polish clothing companies are making a concentrated effort to make fine china prints A Thing.

Previously, I highlighted one of Urkye’s porcelain tops in an article that focused on the values of busty clothing companies. The one pictured above utilizes the same pattern. Urkye showcases its clothing on different body types so consumers know what to expect.

I’ve been eyeing this shirt for months, but since I miraculously own not one but four button-down tops that fit me properly, I have yet to pull the trigger on this one.

But I thought of it immediately when I recognized the pattern here:

zulily photo porcelain

Finally, a porcelain-print blazer, for all your porcelain-print blazer needs.

Yes, that is the exact same print, in blazer form, by the Polish brand Peperuna.

I’ve been eyeing Peperuna on Zulily for a while. As I mentioned yesterday, they have a similar aesthetic to Naoko. They focus on office wear, but they also have a few unconventional items like hot pink jumpsuits just to keep it interesting.

Their sizing chart looks bust-friendly, though I’m waiting for Zulily to reimburse me before I verify this for myself.

I haven’t found this particular print anywhere else, but I think it’s safe to say that if two companies are using it, then it is officially A Thing. I will be on the lookout for more porcelain-inspired fabric, because I am an obsessive weirdo.

It is also for that reason that I noticed that while the print is identical, the fabric is not. Urkye gave this description:

urkye description porcelain

Urkye’s item copy is made out of happiness.

Zulily described the Peperuna fabric as such:

zulily description porcelain

None of those fabrics are “linen.”

Of course it’s probable that the fabric supplier uses the same print on different fabrics. A cotton-elastane blend is ideal shirting material for the busty, while a cotton-poly-elastane blend would create a casual blazer that holds its shape.

Still, I’m going to be honest.

I am skeptical of all of Zulily’s descriptions now, and will be until they send me something that fits as advertised.

I am not okay with them using the term “linen” to describe something that contains no linen. Linen is a summer-appropriate fabric made out of flax bast fibers. It is not a cotton-poly blend.

And it is beyond me why someone would want a linen blazer in the first place. Linen wrinkles very easily. A cotton-poly-elastane blend would hold its shape and be breathable, so why not just say it’s a cotton-poly-elastane blend, or leave out a fabric description entirely?

Contradictory information like that makes me distrust the description as a whole.

Given that Urkye has never misled me, their description of the fiber blend makes me all the more skeptical. Again, it would make sense to use different fabric for different garments.

I have trust issues. Redeem yourself, Zulily! Describe items accurately or not at all.

My feelings aside, this print is apparently a THING now, so accept its Thingness. I personally would prefer a blue print on a white background, but I can see why navy is a bit more practical.

I like the simplicity of rendering an intricate floral pattern in just two colors. It’s an elegant enough pattern to be appropriate in most work settings. It’s not terribly fun, but we can’t have everything in this life.

The print is All. Business.

I respect the print.

I don’t love it, and I probably won’t buy it, but I see what it is trying to accomplish and commend it for becoming A Thing.

We should all be so lucky as to become A Thing.

Do you like this print? Do you respect it? Would you wear it? Have you acknowledged the thingness of the thing? Let me know in the comments or email me!




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