Bravissimo Opening U.S. Store?

The U.K.-based Bravissimo recently announced plans to open a U.S. store.

For those unfamiliar with this company, Bravissimo is a giant in the lingerie world. They specialize in large-cup bras and typically offer British brands like Fantasie and Freya.

Bravissimo introduced a line of busty clothing called Pepperberry a few years back, though they have since simplified the label to Bravissimo clothing.

Naturally, this is the main reason I’m excited about this news. I can get bras anywhere online, and I prefer to support my local, independently-owned shop when it comes to brick-and-mortar establishments.

The clothing, though? I have never had the chance to try busty clothing on in person. Certainly, I plan to hit up Campbell & Kate or Exclusively Kristen whenever I can make it to their pop-ups, assuming I have the time.

I don’t expect Bravissimo to fill the DD-Atelier-sized hole in my heart. I’ve never ordered clothing from them in the past because reviews were so mixed. I was reluctant to pay their prices for items that would be difficult to return. Being able to try them on in person for once would make all the difference.

When their U.S. store opens — Boston and New York are being tossed about as options — I will make plans to visit. Their designs are decidedly cuter than they were a few years ago, and their presence here will only draw attention to the fact that busty ladies deserve more.


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