Ta-ta, Boob Sweat. The Tata Towel Is Now A Thing.



I’m the type of person who takes my bra off the moment I come home, sometimes throwing it down the hall and leaving it there until I have the energy to deal with it.

I’m not alone. There has been a lot of discussion lately about just how uncomfortable and impractical women’s clothing is. And as much as I adore my well-fitting, high-quality bras, I just can’t conceive of a world where I would want to subject my breasts to any more torture once I come home.

The Creator and Founder of Ta-ta Towel, Erin Robertson, agrees with me, noting that “I didn’t want to wear a bra while I was getting ready or just lounging around the house.”

What woman would? I’m sure some people wear “real” clothes when they are home, but all I do is put on my pajamas and stop caring what I look like.

That said, I will admit that boob sweat is definitely a Thing when I’m at home, braless.  I usually just spray the undersides down with antiperspirant and call it a day

The Ta-ta Towel offers an alternative. The soft, terry-cloth contraption provides soft support to the breasts, offering breathability, comfort, and a sweat-free existence.

It’s a fine-looking alternative. The ladies who have worn the Ta-ta Towel so far look adorable and, more importantly, comfortable and confident.


That said . . . am I ready to try the Ta-ta Towel?

I don’t always wear clothing around my home, but it’s pretty rare for me to sit on my couch or the kitchen table without covering a significant amount of skin. Lounging fabric is designed to feel comfortable on the skin, unlike wood and upholstery. Beyond that, I can’t tell how comfortable it would be to assign the full weight of my breasts to my neck.

Now, is it possible that these things are comfortable? Sure. Everyone seems to love them. And having some level of breast support would be pretty damn great, especially if they are kept separate. Shelf bras tend to squish breasts together, increasing skin-to-skin contact and creating a very sweaty situation indeed.

I could see where the Ta-ta Towel could be a very useful product indeed. I just need to learn a little more about it.

I would categorize myself as “intrigued,” but not intrigued enough to try it just yet. I’m waiting for reviews to pour in. But regardless if I go for the full Ta-ta Towel experience, I appreciate Erin Robertson’s solution-oriented mindset and hope she sells an infinite number of boob-hammocks.


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